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Roc de l'Abbaye Sancerre Box

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Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye is located in Saint-Satur, a village in the heart of Sancerre with winegrowing origins dating back to the 11th century.

Saint-Satur is famous for its ancient abbey and its Silex (flint) terroir on the hillsides bordering the Loire river. Silex is a coveted soil type, found in only 15% of the vineyards in Sancerre, that produces wines with brilliant minerality, acidity and precision with trademark smoky notes.

The domaine has been helmed by Florian Mollet and the Mollet family for generations. The estate’s farming practices, which have earned two certifications, focus on preserving the ecosystem, delivering quality and maintaining local heritage. The wines are fresh, textured and refined, with a distinct minerality that is indicative of the soil.

Enjoy our limited edition Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye Sancerre Box for $140. 

They include Sancerre Blanc 2023, L’Antique Sancerre Blanc 2021 and Roc de l’Abbaye Sancerre Blanc 2021 in a branded wooden box.