Fidora Valpolicella DOC

Fidora Valpolicella DOC

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Valpolicella wine is characterized by the use of local native varieties Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. If Rondinella proves to be particularly important for the shades of colour it gives to the wine, Corvina and Corvinone, rich in polyphenols and tannins, express their best in the structure. Valpolicella is a fine youthful ruby-red wine with a light perfume with hints of cherry and rose; the palate is fresh, dry and rather soft, pleasantly tannic, bitter and lively.

Colour - Ruby red

Bouquet - Cherry and rose aroma with a slight peppery note typical of Corvina

Taste - Fresh, dry, slightly tannic, lively

Serving temperature - 16° – 18°C

Pairing suggestion - Valpolicella DOC is an exceptionally versatile everyday wine. Excellent for all courses, it is perfect in pairing with dishes typical of the Mediterranean cuisine like pasta dishes and seasonal soups. Try it with white meats, especially poultry, but also with cold cuts, as well as with baked or grilled fish