Fidora Prosecco Brut

Fidora Prosecco Brut

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The Glera grapes of our Civranetta estate are nourished with bands of “Caranto”, the ancient Pleistocene stratification, which is composed of compact clay-loam soils with calcareous nodules.

The peculiar minerality of this soil, located near the Lagoon of Venice,  conveys a complex aromatic balance to every single grape, while the proximity to the sea and to its winds gives them a distinctive sapidity, which increases their aromas. The first fermentation takes place after the grapes are pressed. The second fermentation takes place once the wine has been stabilized, using a Charmat method, and lasts at least 8 weeks, in order to obtain a fine perlage.

Colour - Light straw yellow

Bouquet - Fresh, fruity with hints of Golden apple and white flowers

Taste - Fruity and fragrant, palatable; fine and elegant in the mouth with a direct and clean flavour and good persistence

Serving temperature - 6° – 8°C

Pairing suggestion - Fresh and fruity this is an ideal aperitif wine, paired with shellfish and raw or fried fish. It goes well with light cheeses and white meats