Fidora Pinot Grigio DOC

Fidora Pinot Grigio DOC

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This popular variety derives from the family of Pinot and prefers cooler climates. It finds its ideal habitat in the Veneto Region. Pinot Grigio is a rich dry white wine, fresh, with vibrant aromas of pear and apple with hints of flowers.

The highly mineral feeling is the signature of this wine and gives it a great personality and versatility in food pairing. The proximity to the sea and to its prevailing winds, as well as the nocturnal temperature inversion, gives to the bunches of our Pinot Grigio a direct and clear aroma, which characterizes all the wines of Civranetta estate.

Colour - Straw yellow

Bouquet - Fruity and mineral with hints of apple and white flowers

Taste - Fruity and savory, full bodied and elegant in the mouth

Serving temperature 10° – 12°C


Pairing suggestion - Excellent as an aperitif wine, Pinot Grigio pairs well with delicate starters. Perfect with rice- and pasta dishes, terrific with fish and seafood