Albert Bichot Nuits Saint Georges 2018

Albert Bichot Nuits Saint Georges 2018

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Nuits-Saint-Georges, which gave the Côte de Nuits its name, is almost exclusively devoted to the production of red Pinot Noir wines. The Nuits-Saint-Georges "village" area of appellation covers 163.5 ha in the village of Nuits and 11.8 ha in Prémeaux-Prissey Variations in exposure to the sun and in soil types between the vineyards, located to the south and north of Nuits-Saint-Georges yield considerably diverse wines.


The nose opens up to aromas of forest undergrowth and mushroom as well as notes of red fruit. On the palate, this delicately oaked wine features notes of gingerbread and cherry with harmonious balance. The finish is long and intensely aromatic, evocative of red fruit and spices.


This Nuits-Saint-Georges is a great wine for all red meats, dishes cooked in wine sauce, marinated game and aged cheeses.